Causes Of Root Canal Problems
October 18, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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Although every precaution is taken to ensure a dental procedure will go as planned, occasionally complications happen. Dr. Angela Toy,root canal  your dentist in Newberg, OR, wants her patients to understand how and why these problems can arise with root canals, a common dental procedure she performs at Arbor Hills Dental.

The crown conundrum

Many dentists agree that perhaps the biggest indicator of a root canal failing is when a patient waits too long to have a permanent crown placed after the procedure. While a root canal clears infection from the interior of the tooth, it also makes the exterior extremely brittle due to being hollowed out. That's why returning to your Newberg dentist within a month after receiving a root canal treatment is so important: the porcelain crown will reinforce and protect the treated tooth, preventing it from potentially cracking and requiring extraction.

Undetected damage

Although dentists like Dr. Toy use visual examinations and x-rays to ensure a proper diagnosis, sometimes cracks in teeth can be so small that they go unnoticed until they cause problems after a procedure like a root canal. When this happens, the cracks can cause bacteria to further infiltrate a tooth. Repair may be a feasible option as long as the crack has not extended into the tooth's root.

Complicated canals

The anatomy of the inside of teeth is fairly standard. Occasionally there will be divisions or branches of the inner tooth that go overlooked due to their minute size. When this happens, the infection that necessitated the root canal in the first place will continue. This problem can usually be fixed with a repeat root canal.

Working with your Newberg, OR dentist, Dr. Toy, can help prevent problems from occurring. Following post-operative instructions goes a long way in ensuring proper recovery. When an issue does arise, please contact Arbor Hills Dentist as soon as possible so we can fix it in a timely manner.