Repair Your Oral Health With Dental Crowns
By Arbor Hills Dental
September 24, 2019
Category: Oral Health
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Damaged teeth don't have to ruin your smile. In fact, no one will be able to tell your tooth was ever damaged when our Newberg, OR, family dentist, Dr. Angela Toy, restores it with a dental crown.

Crowns fit on top of teeth

Crowns are hollow restorations made to slip over teeth, covering them on all sides. During your first crown appointment, your Newberg dentist prepares your tooth. This step ensures that the crown fits comfortably and looks natural. She'll also make an impression of your mouth, which will be used to create your crown.

It will probably take a few weeks for a dental laboratory to make your porcelain crown. In the meantime, you'll wear a temporary crown. Although temporary crowns are fairly durable, you'll need to avoid eating tough, chewy or sticky foods with them. When you return to the office, your dentist will check the fit of your permanent crown, make a few adjustments and cement it to your tooth.

Dental crowns protect, restore and enhance teeth

Dental crowns restore teeth that have broken, restoring their normal height and width. Adding a crown also ends pain that can occur when the ends of broken teeth are exposed to the air. Your dentist will choose a shade of porcelain that closely matches your tooth color to ensure that your new crown blends in with your smile.

Crowns not only restore broken teeth but also prevent fractures in fragile teeth. Teeth may be at increased risk of fracturing or breaking if they're cracked, brittle or crumbling. Some dental procedures, such as root canal therapy, may weaken teeth, making them more susceptible to fractures. Crowns strengthen these teeth and decrease the likelihood that the teeth will be damaged.

Do you dislike the appearance of a tooth or two? Adding a crown to your tooth can change its color, improve its shape or even lengthen a too-short tooth. Crowns are often used to hide discolored teeth or improve the way a crooked, twisted or pointed tooth looks.

Protect and improve your smile with dental crowns. Call our Newberg, OR, family dentist, Dr. Angela Toy, at (503) 538-2143 to schedule an appointment.