Signs You May Need a Root Canal
April 24, 2018
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Even people with little to no experience with root canal therapy have probably heard the rumors that it is a painful and traumatic procedureroot canal somewhere on the spectrum between a dental necessity and indescribable torture. In fact, the horrors of root canals are a common and longstanding staple of comedy routines and pop culture. Due to its scary reputation, many people put their oral health and smile at risk out of fear. But the truth about root canal therapy is much less scary. While it might make for good jokes and funny skits, in reality, a root canal is a lot closer to the procedure for filling a cavity than it is with a cruel form of ancient torture. Dr. Angela Toy, a dentist at Arbor Hills Dental in Newberg, OR, reminds patients that contrary to popular belief, a root canal is actually a treatment for pain from a badly decayed or infected tooth.

Root Canal Therapy in Newberg, OR

The inside of each tooth is made up of a network of nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue known as pulp. Bacteria can enter the canal and cause inflammation and infection, which causes pain and swelling, and puts the tooth at risk of permanent damage to the nerves. Root canal therapy (also known as endodontic treatment) removes the damaged root and tissue and essentially cleans the tooth from the inside out to remove bacteria and prevent further damage and possible extraction of the tooth. Bacteria usually gets inside a tooth from severe tooth decay or trauma.

After applying local anesthesia and topical numbing agents, the dentist will drill a small hole in the tooth to remove the damaged tooth and clean out the canal. The tooth is then sealed and good as new! In terms of pain and discomfort, most people report that the procedure feels very similar to getting a dental filling.

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