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Crown Lengthening for a Less Gummy Smile

Lots of people don't find a gummy smile attractive. Crown lengthening surgery with your cosmetic dentist in Newberg, OR, Dr. Angela Toy of Arbor Hills Dental, can give you an aesthetically pleasing smile.

What Is Crown Lengthening?

Crown lengthening, known also as a gum lift, is a dental procedure where your dentist removes and reshapes your gums to correct your gummy smile. If you've got a gummy smile, your teeth appear short. However, they're not shorter than normal but only covered by excessive gum tissue. People with gummy smiles who would like to fix it typically have more than 3mm of gum tissue visible when they smile.

Getting Crown Lengthening

If you're unhappy with how your gums appear when you smile, visit your dentist to discuss getting crown lengthening surgery. Not everyone is eligible for this procedure. Your cosmetic dentist will examine your gums to determine if you're eligible.

Having healthy gums before the crown lengthening procedure is essential. Therefore, if you've got gum disease, your dentist needs to treat your condition first. As you prepare for your gum lift, ensuring you maintain optimum oral hygiene is essential. Therefore, you need to brush, floss, and visit your dentist regularly.

Crown Lengthening Procedure

Your cosmetic dentist in Newberg, OR, performs the crown lengthening procedure by removing and reshaping your gums. Your dentist may choose any one of the three techniques for performing crown lengthening depending on your anatomy and desired results.

The first step of your crown lengthening procedure is the administration of anesthesia. That way, you experience less discomfort during surgery. Crown lengthening techniques your dentist can choose from include:

  • Gingivectomy — This procedure involves the removal of gum tissue using a scalpel, laser, or electrocautery.
  • Apically Repositioned Flap Surgery — This procedure involves creating a flap of gum tissue to remove tissue and bone. Next, the flap is repositioned and secured with stitches.
  • Surgical Extrusion — This procedure involves moving the tooth to a new position on your gum line where it's secured by stitches.

After your procedure, you may experience some inflammation and light bleeding. Your dentist may send you home with anti-inflammatory medications and mouthwash for your recovery period.

If you'd like to improve your gummy smile, call (503) 538-2143 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Toy of Arbor Hills Dental, your cosmetic dentist in Newberg, OR.

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