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Improve Your Smile With Veneers

It’s easy to improve your smile with veneers. They transform teeth by concealing imperfections and creating a flawless appearance. In Newberg, OR, veneers are available at Arbor Hills Dental, where Dr. Angela Toy can help you achieve the smile you desire.

How Veneers Help Your Smile

Veneers are thin covers placed over the front surface of teeth to create a more pleasing appearance. Veneers look like part of the natural tooth and are permanently bonded in place so you can bite and chew food with ease. In other words, veneers look and function like natural teeth.

Veneers can improve your smile in several ways. Some cosmetic issues that can be addressed with veneers include:

  • A chipped tooth
  • Teeth that are cracked
  • Extra spacing between teeth
  • Teeth that are unevenly sized
  • Teeth that are stained/discolored
  • Oddly shaped teeth
  • Crooked teeth

A variety of different materials can be used to fabricate veneers, but a popular choice is porcelain because it so closely resembles the appearance of natural tooth enamel. Another reason veneers look so natural is that each one is custom-made to fit perfectly in place and blend in with the rest of your smile. The experienced dentist at our office in Newberg, OH, can have veneers custom-made for you.

Getting Veneers

There are a few simple steps in the process of getting veneers. The first step is determining if veneers are the right option for you based on the issues you want to address, as well as a review of your medical history.

Once the decision has been made to improve your smile with veneers, the next step is to prepare the teeth. The dentist will carefully remove a small amount of enamel from each tooth receiving a veneer. Removing a thin layer of enamel leaves room for veneers to fit perfectly in place and sit flush with the surrounding teeth instead of protruding past them. Then, an impression is made of your teeth. A dental lab will use the impression to fabricate your custom veneers.

After the veneers have been created and sent to our dental office, the dentist will bond them to your teeth so they remain securely in place. Taking care of your new smile by maintaining an effective oral hygiene routine and scheduling regular dental checkups and cleanings will ensure your veneers last for many years.

If chipped or discolored teeth have left you feeling less than happy with your smile, we can dramatically improve it with custom veneers. For veneers in Newberg, OR, schedule a consultation with Dr. Toy by calling Arbor Hills Dental at (503) 538-2143.

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